Since the start of the industrial revolution mankind has been being doing many things to get energy, burning coal is one. Coal is very energy dense, and so makes a good fuel, but it releases CO2 when it’s burned and that’s a very potent greenhouse gas at the time people didn’t think that was a problem and then later people used other fossil fuels, oil and gas mainly .

As time went on people started to see the effect of burning fossil fuels. Some scientists could see the effects that climate change was having on the world, scientists working for the oil companies did much of this research, they wanted to know exactly how long they could get away with selling oil without the governments of the world stopping them. This research was often kept secret Companies didn’t want this research and it’s conclusions to be made public.

It could even be that J.P Morgan of Standard oil financed the ‘Volsted act ‘ which brought in Prohibition in America to stop ethanol being used as the fuel of choice in the growing ‘at the time’ Motor Industry. What he did was encourage a clause to be added that was ethanol couldn't be transported over state lines and that stopped people filling a cars fuel tank with ethanol fuel.

What mankind needs to do is stop the climate changing. So quickly get the world back to pre-industrial levels of CO2, doing this will take investment, but the people in charge are often politicians who are mature in years and they’ve been told throughout their lives often by fossil fuel suppliers that it wasn’t us it’s natural, it won’t happen for years, so they don’t want to do anything to cure a problem that they think will be a problem far in the future long after they're dead and probably long after their kids are dead. Another problem is Western democratic governments have to sign up now when when they won’t be in power when the good effects start to happen far in the future.

Recently a climate scientist said that bio-fuels weren’t green he said that when they were used they released CO2 we knew that anyone with half a brain would’ve sussed that out, it just releases less it’s ultra-low footprint and the feedstock reduces the amount in the atmosphere which EV’s don’t.

This year there has been a few worrying climate events. Wildfires, droughts, floods, and heat waves. It looks like the effects of climate change might be happening sooner and be more profound.

Whoever thinks we can’t change the climate is deluding themselves. We’ve been doing it that’s the problem