Business Model

Small local distilleries would obtain their feed-stock locally be it lawn clippings and of all sorts of garden waste from landscape contractors, out of date food, bakery waste and cellulose packing from local supermarkets, could be used too, when more ethanol fuel is needed cellulose and lignin could be enzymatically transformed into ethanol, this would breed competition between the different distillery's/fuel manufacturers, which there hasn't been in the fuel industry for many years. Ethanol would be used in personal cars just as petrol is now and bio-diesel in the larger ships and aeroplanes. I would like Briton to lead the world in ethanol production because it is here that I've built a thermodynamically efficient engine.

  1. Most Flex-fuel car owners only ever put e85 in and some drive miles to get the best price, so Flex-fuel cars should be dedicated ethanol cars not Flex-Fuel.

  2. If high compression ethanol cars where available everyone that has bought a flex for green reasons would change immediately to a dedicated e85 car and any people less green would buy one because they do good mileage and have better power.