The advantages of using this as fuel are:

You can get more power from an dedicated ethanol engine than from a petrol engine.

It's much cheaper because at the moment it's duty reclaimable in the UK.

Crude oil is getting harder to get so petrol going to get much more expensive.

It thoroughly cleans the fuel system, fuel tank to exhaust, and causes very little pollution and it smells much better like apples.

Even if you drive an unoptimized engine you'll better miles per pound over the year, especially if you re-claim the duty, if you spread out the claiming of the rebate among more than one person and they wouldn't have to even be drivers.

And because it can be locally made all the money you pay for it stays local and not exported to the another country.

Finally, using it and buying it should make you feel good, this fuel is ultra low carbon footprint so you feel you're saving the world. You're not you're actually just slowing climate change, but that's something to feel good about.